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Testimonials from practitioners trained in the 2020-2022 NARM™  Program in Athens which ended on March 2022


«…NARM, the NeuroAffective Relational Model, is a tool that focuses, on the one hand, on the Here and Now and, on the other, creates the conditions for a therapeutic process that actively involves the client so that they come in contact with the awareness of the blockages that undermine the fulfillment of their desires. The therapist with his/her curious predisposition operates in a facilitative way without providing any directions or interpretations· in parallel with that, throughout the dialogue that takes shape in the process, the awareness and understanding of the needs on the part of the client increases. I'm glad I chose this tool to educate myself which I find extremely interesting, multifaceted and most importantly holistic.»


«…An excellent training! It provides therapists with significant tools for their work as well as for their personal development. An approach that brings safety to the healing process. It protects the therapist from over-involvement and helps the client to get the distance he/she needs to renegotiate any traumatic experiences. A unique experience, an exciting journey!»


«…For me it's been a fulfilling experience so far. It has certainly affected the way I work without even being able to say that I have acquired the knowledge I have been taught so far.»


«…The NARM training has been a nourishing process of learning and growth for me. NARM itself is a beautiful and practical model of how life works, and the Greece training program helped me to integrate theory and practice with these crucial themes of human development.» 


«…My personal experience of NARM training has been and still is a very interesting journey both professionally and personally. In a way it seems to bring clarity to the gaps that existed in the therapeutic context (but also as a personal experience) in terms of how some "unexplained" emotional reactions emerge in people's/clients' lives. It also brings an open and compassionate approach to understanding and containing emotions. The overall way of organizing the online training has been extremely helpful. A big thank you for the outcome.»


«…NARM has really changed the way I am with clients, and the way I relate to myself. It has brought so much understanding of my own survival styles, and put words where I did not have any to explain what I was feeling or experiencing. NARM is not another tool which you can use in therapy, but a way of being and relating to people where they're at, which is so much more transformative. I really appreciated the level of organization of the Faculty team in delivering the training to us even in times of pandemic where travelling was impossible, and the support offered. I hold NARM dear to my heart and would really recommend the training to anyone in a helping profession. Thank you so much!»


«…NARM approach is more than a method, than a therapeutic tool! It is an attitude of acceptance and respect for the self and the other. The educational modules are efficient and complete, theoretically and experientially (practice, simulations and exercises that are perfectly connected with the theory). NARM therapeutic approach made it easier for me to experience a deep self-regulation, connection with myself in the here and now and at the same time connection with others. It supported me to connect with my vitality, my energy and to contain my reality as it is. By incorporating NARM approach in the treatment process I work in a more relaxed way without having to effort so much. Being in touch with myself I can "contain" the client and work with acceptance, respect in the here and now, emphasizing his/her potential and capabilities without making any interpretations. Treating them as an adult.»


«…NARM training has been for me a significant turning point in the way I approach myself and my clients. It is an approach that focuses on listening to self on three levels: body, thinking, psyche. At the same time, the therapist does not have to "effort" for the patient, but to make it easier for them to find their heart's desire and to recognize what prevents them from following it. Furthermore, in this approach the concept of "slow pace" comes to life.»


«…Finding myself at “home”. I came into NARM training thinking that my true desire was to learn more about developmental trauma and fight my way through my own attachment trauma. You see, I thought that what I’ve been searching for, all my life, was my way back “home”. But my deepest longing laid disguised…underneath. Now, I’m coming out of NARM training with the profound awareness that I’ve always been at “home”. As I allowed the echoes of my past fears and misconceptions to slowly deconstruct and drift away, I found myself at “home”; feeling content, serene and happy with every breath I take.»


«…My participation in NARM training helped me first and foremost to see deeper on a personal level my own developmental trauma and to understand how and to what extent it has affected the formation of my personality. My contact and familiarity with this model has evolved me on a professional level as a psychotherapist and made me feel more secure in being able to better manage cases with clients with similar issues. But I would like to place more emphasis on the fact that this training freed me in a way from my old established patterns and at the same time brought energy space inside me for more vitality, calm and joy, finally allowing myself to be ALSO vulnerable, not only strong.»

Comments are published anonymously for reasons of personal data protection.

Testimonials of participants in the 1st Seminar 'Introduction to the NARM approach' with Michael Mokrus that took place in November 2019:

"… The philosophy and practical approach of NARM as presented in theory and practice, gave me the opportunity to experience a unique experience and to consider a connection between group and cultural differences. I believe that the holistic NARM approach that integrates both the nervous system "As well as relational orientation, they can contribute to a fuller understanding of the Other and us as mental health professionals. It provides up-to-date clinical development interventions that use physical awareness and resource orientation to aid self-regulation in the nervous system."


"..The involvement of the psychotherapist in a process of greater self-awareness and connection with the body I believe can help the psychotherapeutic work and act protectively for both the therapist and the patient."


"I learned the basics of the NARM approach. I met tools that helped me in my personal and professional development .. "


"..The small sessions that took place, and the exercises with the couples, very nice material that influenced me, gave me thoughts and moved me!"


"..The theoretical presentation and the experiential sessions with the instructor were also very useful, but what really moved me was the power of the tangible experience that opens other possibilities and perspectives. How awareness and acceptance of bodily sensation and experience can bring change. "It was also the reason that made me want to participate in the training afterwards."


"..I was particularly touched and inspired by the quality of the" presence "of the therapist  within the therapeutic process. And the important thing is that the presentation did not remain at a theoretical level but instead knowledge was transmitted through experiential exercises but also through the special way of the teacher to "bring" what he is talking about. "


"It was a very solid seminar and the same goes for conducting and organizing…"


"I felt that the acceptance we had from everyone and at all levels was very tender and caring"

We thank all the participants in our information event for the NARM approach that took place

on Saturday, February 1, in the welcoming space  

of the Ionian Center.

The active presence of all and the creative interaction enriched

our first presentation.

Thank you!

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