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So why NARM? What is it that therapists can learn during a NARM training that is different from other trainings.
Beate Leisse,  Dr.Med., Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist


Presentation in the electronic magazine Psychographimata

​Training in the NeuroAffective Relational Model - NARM™ Approach  Developmental Trauma Therapy

Zoe Paradomenaki Schillat , Dipl.-Psych.,  ECP, EuroPsy, Clin. Psychologist Psychotherapist, Certified NARM™ Master Psychotherapist

Perceived Effectiveness of NeuroAffective Relational Model Therapy in Treating Characteristics of Complex Trauma

Suzie M. Gruber  , Phyllis K. Stein  , Brad J. Kammer, and Laurence Heller

Introducing a Revolutionary Diagnosis:

Complex PTSD is Now Recognized!

Brad Kammer, NARM Faculty Trainer

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