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New dates

2nd training course in Athens 2023–2024

Training program  ΝΑRM

1-5 February 2023 – Module 1..........Live

21-25 June 2023 – Module 2.............Live

1-5 November 2023 – Module 3........Virtual

17–21 April 2024 – Module 4.............Live

Introductory workshops NARM

Introductory workshop - Online

11 & 12 June 2022

Early bird: 12 May 2022


Introductory workshop - Live

8 & 9 October 2022

Early bird: 25 August 2022

4th Module


​The 4th and last unit of the training " NeuroAffective Relational Model NARM - Healing Developmental Trauma" was successfully completed. This time an even more special experience, as the unit was conducted in a hybrid way - part of the group met live in the welcoming space of the Amalia Hotel and the other participants followed online. Thus, many of us have had the opportunity to remember and experience the solid, old, good value of embodied encounter, which gave this educational experience of the last unit, the valuable quality of living closeness. Once again we warmly thank all of you, the participants from Greece and abroad, the inspired instructor and our training team, the experienced translators and the organizational and technical support team, who have made the implementation of this project possible. Keeping the joy and satisfaction for the completion of the first NARM training cycle in our country, we plan the next Introductory Seminar (11/12 June 2022) and a new training cycle that begins in October 2022 (www. With heartfelt thanks and wishes for health, peace and prosperity, so that we can continue to be able to choose awareness and healing development.

Testimonials of participants  

So why NARM?

What is it that therapists can learn during a NARM training that is different from other trainings?

Beate Leisse,  Dr.Med., Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist


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